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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. the search is on for a gunman, the victims, a mother and her children while they are simply walking down the street. isaac is still causing massive power out tags and
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tragedy, -- outages and tragedy and we will take you live to new orleans. paul ryan goes on the attack during the biggest speech of his political career. tonight mitt romney takes center stage, it is all ahead on the morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday, august 30th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, mark is here, he will tell you how to dress, things are changing. >> if you missed the fog, you might like today's forecast and it's near the immediate coastline and we will have temperatures where they will cool things off from yesterday's highs. still some warm numbers inland about 90 degrees and we will take a look at the forecast highs, sal has an update on traffic, good morning, sal.
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no major problems if you are driving down to, let's say the golden gate bridge, it should be a nice drive on interstate 880 and oakland, let's go back to the desk. a fire at a san jose strip mall at the commercial center. several businesses share this particular building on sierra grant way. the strip mall is near allan rock. the ktvu channel 2 morning news crew will be there and they will report what is going on in a couple of minutes. they are warning extreme caution for whoever held up a mother and her children at gunpoint. they talked with police and joins us now from where this all happened, claudine? just to give you a better idea of where you are, we have college park and residential
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neighborhoods on the other side of the street. now this mom was walking down the street with her 13-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son around 11:50 yesterday morning when they were confronted by the suspect, he pulled out a gun demanded property and once he got he ran off. he ran towards humboldt avenue and that's the last they saw him. the subject is described as light skinned latino in his early $20 around 6-foot tall with a stocky build. >> at this point we don't have much information to go on and we are asking the community for their help, if they know anything or saw anything call the san jose police department and it's with their help we can often solve these cases. >> live here on indian avenue, people are warning not to
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approach the suspect to use extreme caution and they did send out a community alert about what happened and they are working with the school. ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning police are also looking for a man who dropped two -- groped two women in the shopping center. another was groped 9 days earlier near hamilton avenue. here are the police sketches. one victim describes him as east indian, 5-foot 9 inches tall, but police believe the same man, may have committed the crime. mitt romney will accept the republican nomination for president. we will bring a live report with what is being done at the convention hall, getting ready for mitt romney's big speech.
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and paul ryan, really fired up the delegates in his acceptance speech. the area where this guy. sinkhole opened up in san francisco is still blocked off this morning. up to 800,000 gallons of water spilled on to the streets and into the homes near the cal palace. head to dig out the pipe that ruptured and repairs could take special order on apart and meanwhile the city is paying for clean ups and repairs done for the flooding. and an hov lane is open. the new southbound lane is open on highway 101, on santa rosa avenue. it will be carpool only during the computer hours between offender and 8-a -- 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. it all started because they
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wanted to widen the streets near roaner park. let's look at the toll plaza, you can see more people are coming through and the metering lights are on, usually when they switch the lights on, they want to hold traffic at the toll plaza to not allow traffic to get too business. this is a look at the san mateo bridge, no problems on the peninsular and there is not much going on when it comes to accidents and stalled vehicles. and traffic is moving well and highway 4 is moving well and it is getting a little slower in bay point, back to mark.
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you can see excessive bands beginning to taper to the south but it will be a slow gradual process he is -- gradual process throughout the day. winds are moving 8 miles per hour, 35 miles per hour outside of louisiana alexandria. and you can see later on, this continues to be a tropical storm with winds 40 miles per hour and then trafficking to the north, still access sufficient rainfalls and we could have it at least 6 to inches. we have -- 6 to 8 inches. we have a few patches into the bay and santa rosa is cooling off, checking in at 40 degrees and clouds will be a factor, fog will be a factor right around the coast and a few patches are sneaking locally into the bay clearing back to the coast into the afternoon and today will be cooler than
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yesterday. still either side is 90 degrees and beginning by the coast, only mid-to low 60s, mostly clear skies around the bay increasing sunshine and for the inland spots right around 85 to 90. you will notice a cooling trend and we will warm up especially by sunday into monday and possibly a few extra clouds by sunday into monday. tropical storm isaac is forcing more people to evacuate to new orleans and now one death in mississippi is blamed on isaac. live in new orleans now, where evac wakes are happening. >> in fact, there was about
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3,000 people who were outside of lake ponchartrain. folks in the low-lying areas, they will go pack to homes that are basically submerged in water. louisiana and plaquemines parish is one of the areas hardest hit by isaac. the storm dumped several feet, officials were forced to rescue dozens of people by boat after they became stranded. >> they reported at least 35 people have been rescued... >> reporter: rescue operations were also called in for st. bernard parish. they chose to ride it out despite evacuation orders and became overwhelmed by the heavy rain. in new orleans the storm had less of an impact than
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expected. >> the 11 billion doll loss dash cars -- $11 billion they spent was spentwise left. >> reporter: they are looking for refreshments and electricity despite the win and rain. >> we came down to get something to eat and drink... >> they have power in the quarter because they have the underground electric running and that was really smart. >> reporter: barge traffic will get back to life as usual, back to you. thank you, back to our breaking news here in the bay area, we are following news, a fire at a strip mall, lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: they have not
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given us a lot of information but what i can tell you, there are several fire trucks blocking the southbound area of capital and sierra grand do. it is a two-alarm fire and this looks like a strip mall with a bridal -- bridal store and metro cps store. we are not sure where it started but firefighters say the fire was in the attic. san jose police are here and it is blocked on capital southbound at least between florence and a couple of blocks up from florence going northbound, so right now they are working on putting out the fire. we were told the fire is in the attic and they are working to make sure that the fire does not jump from store to store.
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of course we will get more information and bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. all right, lorraine, a bomb was found at one bay area city, what do we know about it. >> yes, a home was blown to pieces, what happened at a home in connection kate.
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. welcome back, a house in connection kate blew -- connecticut blew up killing a man, they were trying fix the leak when it exploded. it was so powerful it blew the house to pieces. firefighters were shocked to see the damage when they arrived. >> there is nothing left of this house, there is a chimney. the house has been blown over a couple of hundred yards, the debris is everywhere. it is in the road, it is in the woods. >> now the explosion site has been blocked off. the fire department is trying to keep people away for fears of all types of things that may be blowing in the area. gas and electric has not
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been restored after a natural gas leak. it happened between marin street and nasa boulevard. they are asking them to stay inside and traffic was diverted around the area. pg&e shut off the gas of that leaking pipe and it was fixed a few hours later. now new this morning, the republican national convention wraps up with the main event, mitt romney's acceptance speech as a national nominee. here are the changes being made to the stage to prepare for mitt romney's speech. >> yeah, they are busy, i just take a look and they are putting the finishing touches. i found out what kind of changes they will be working on today and he said the main
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thing is extenting the stage so when he is done with the speech he can walk to the tip of the stage to engage with all the people at the convention hall and last night it was all about his running mate, paul ryan who was center stage, he was in attack mode and he was very focused on the issues. >> ladies and gentlemen. we have suffered no shortage of words but what is missing is leadership in the white house. >> reporter: he tried to sell his boss with an energized crowd. he hit obama care. >> the greatest threat to medicare is obama care and we are going to stop it. >> reporter: and he worked the crowd, females. >> to this day my mom is my
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role model. i hope it is not a deal breaker, but my play list starts and ends with zeppelin. >> reporter: and former secretary of state condolezza rice did their own cheering earlier in the evening. >> his election represents our hopes. >> he will rebuild us at home and they will help us did a prod, they will provide the answer to the question, where do they stand? >> reporter: mitt romney will come out on the stable and he will give that acceptance stage and we already see the balloons and they are ready to be dropped from the ceiling at this moment when this all wraps up and this will all happen around 10:00 eastern time, back to you. thank you, at the
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convention floor, you can watch the address live right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news tonight our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m., now if you i don't know already, the oakland raiders game is also scheduled at 7:00 p.m. and we will hair that on our sister station tv 36. police in panola arrested a man who had a bomb. the man reportedly planned on blowing up a bomb that was filled with nails and bullets. police officers and the squad arrested him in a trailer and they say they found a bomb inside. the target is not known. a san jose man is due to be sentenced for a crime spree. paul castillo will get life in prison without the possibility of parole. during a two week period in september he stole two cars, tried to run over a police
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officer, shot a man at a gas station and killed a woman he had kidnapped. they would pave the way for driver less cars. they should come up with standards by 2015 and they have developed prototypes of the cars. drivers are still required to sit behind the wheels but they are hoping computer controlled cars will be causing fewer accidents. >> time is now 621, have you finished everything on the east shore? >> they take over the world.
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>> traffic is getting slower here on the east shore, it is westbound 80 in emoryville. >> let's go to the plaza, i think it is backed up beyond 80 crossing and carpools look good so far. and as you drive through pittsburgh and it still looks okay from 680 to walnut creek. panola and richmond still looks good as we drive out and as we showed you it is getting busier, let's go to mark. >> it will be cooler, temperatures soared. patchy fog is showing up near
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parts of the coastline. >> oakland 59 and san jose 60 degrees and high pressure begins to relax, as a result we cool things off after yesterday's highs and more cooling in the forecast, warmest locations in. >> here is our forecast models hugging the coast, a few patches to the bay, still some warm numbers inland upper 80s to right around 90 degrees and checking in around 90 degrees san jose 82 and fremont right around 80, looking ahead with your weekend always in view, some gradual warming into monday coming up at 6:27,
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. they are using abate and switch, first they set up a meeting in a nice neighbor and then at the last minute they set up a location which is more isolated such as a side street. >> let's go to sal to see what
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is that our commute. a motorcycle accident happened at the corner of levin worth and turk. the fire department and police are headed there. it is a good area to avoid. let's look at northbound 280 and that traffic is getting busier up to highway 17 but it is not a huge commute. and southbound 280 the traffic is moving well passed the boulevard. let's go to mark. we already see a few patches sneaking into the bay, candle stick right around 90 degrees, temperatures are in the upper 50s. much cooler friday, we are glued warmup your numbers and there may be a few extra clouds by labor day. and the drought in the midwest is causing a end
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unusual problem for an annual festival in wisconsin. organizers don't have enough cow manure and the cow chips are dry and flat ended pieces of cow manure and all that heat and dry weather has caused a shortage so organizers are dipping into reserves. they want to make sure the competition can start as scheduled tomorrow. time now 6:27, the storm known as isaac is causing big problems with the west coast and the first fatality is noticing problems with the storm. >> and in san jose, we just got an update, we will tell you how long the fire is causing traffic.
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0. we are following breaking news where a fire was reported this morning, a long south capital avenue, that is where lorraine blanco is this morning and has more information, lorraine? >> reporter: pam, we just got an update from the san jose fire department and there are several trucks in front of that
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plaza. they told me it started around 4:45 in an attic in a mexican restaurant that they believe is where the origin started and there is a taiwan dough place and bridal store and sometimes when you share a common attic, it can jump from store to store. they believe at this time it is fully extinguished and on the rooftop, firefighters are making sure there are no hot spots because of that danger of a shared attic. let's look at some video, they found some along the interior wall but the fire is extinguished. they found overhead sprinklers and sometimes that can ignite
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the fire. of course they are not sure that is how it started but they are saying it is a potential source and right now 35 firefighters are on the scene and at this point they don't believe there are any injuries and at the same of the fire, it was so early in the morning and the good news, nobody was hurt out here. i can tell the problem for people in traffic during the rush hour, it may be an issue because right now on capital southbound, it is backed up and firefighters are telling me it will be another hour and you will have to take another round and right now, capital going southbound will be blocked off for at least another hour. there were no injuries and it looks like the fire is completely extinguished and
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right now they are just looking for hot spots. a tow truck driver was killed overnight and a tree fell on his truck in pearl river county. isaac may have also triggered several tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. you are looking at video from gulf port mississippi, look at the damage reportedly caused by a tornado. power lines down, large trees snapping in this bad weather in the meantime, they have been busy making water rescues. one family called for help and this is a lot of rain and powerful winds pounding mississippi and several people all over the state have no power. and rescue operations are underway in hard hit louisiana. national guard troops are moving people out of the
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parish. the storm caught a lot of people off guard. they want to warn people a nearby river is expected to flood. isaac has dumped already 20 inches of rain on the gulf coast. vice-presidential nominee goes on the attack at the republican national convention. >> college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at faded obama posters. >> mitt romney is using the acceptance speech. >> she left it on a plane while flying from tampa to indianapolis. they found the unattended gun, and told the secret service and the agent was pulled off the plane once it landed. some of the airport
6:36 am
screeners are accusing the federal government of endangering peep's lives, here is more on the reports of this security risk, what do you know tara. >> well with, you know we are all used to waiting online. screensers say those bags are slipping through the tracks. whistleblowers charge they have disabled a key code and it no longer manually slices luggage which allows them to hone in on suspicious baggage. now screeners only has seconds to inspect suspicious bags and
6:37 am
-- suspicious bags and many take short cuts to keep the line moving. it is at an all-time high and nearly 112 year high. they have false alarms anyway and aviation security experts say too many false alarms causes backups which is why they did away with it. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. about 637, we are almost at the labor day weekend holiday and millions of californians will take advantage of the weekend and take a trip away from home. that is almost 4% which continues a recovery. and despite the higher gas prices, the worse traffic is
6:38 am
peeking at about 4:30 that afternoon. and if you take the dumbarton, you will want to make alternate plans. the closure will allow seismic expansion joints and other safety improvements. traffic is expected to be opened but the two area routes, or make the trek south on highway 237. >> you see that as good as sal. >> well, i have learned from the expert. >> why, thank you, pam. as a matter of fact, this happened during the memorial day weekend, there were some traffic issues and hearing about it, they went around it as you just said. westbound freeway, we had joe
6:39 am
zoom in at gill man and there was a report of a crash in this or and it is off. you can see some lights on the side of the road and west 80 is unaffected and it is a nice looking drive heading into emoryville. peek are peeking of 880 it is in seattle but not here. also this morning we are looking at it and there is word of a power poll that has come down and you may see some traffic in this area, it is
6:40 am
eastbound 92 and alameda has pulled it on the off ramp. mark let's go to you. some patchy fog sneaking into the bay and we have a solid deck overcast, just offshore, it will be cooler quick update and you get a progression in the north and there will be excessive rainfall amounts heading into arkansas over the next 6 to 12 hours. as far as in the bay area, we have cooler temperatures as a reference and these are the wednesday's numbers for today, thursday's numbers, 97 yesterday afternoon and san jose to 2 especially santa
6:41 am
rosa, 58 degrees and we will cool those temperatures and they do reflect 80s to right around 90 degrees this afternoon and we will break it down at the coast, partly sunny skies around the bay, we could have patchy fog even at 8:00 this morning and around the bay. more sunshine and inland spots, warm to hot day, readings in the 80s to around 90 degrees. livermore to right around 90, and 68 degrees, looking a head, some minor warming for parts of the close which is coming up. the comment he made on an
6:42 am
open microphone. we will tell you what happened and what police are telling us this morning. good morning, traffic on 101 looks good coming to the 880 interchange, we will tell you more about the south bay commute straight ahead.
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. well, good morning, here is a quick look at some of the top
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stories we are following, more flooding, more evacuations in the gulf coast this morning, isaac, the storm is still drenching the gulf coast and isaac may have caused problems. and a tree crashed down often his truck. . >> police in palo alto are searching for a man who groped two women, one was at the shopping center and the other was groped near hamilton nine days earlier. >> they were robbed at gunpoint right near a school and a suspect was still out there.
6:46 am
and at the scene of a robbery police are looking for,. >> you are right across from a school, you have residential neighborhoods on the other side certainly people didn't expect this, and they didn't expect another and her children to be targeted. but here is what happened. around 11:50, this 36-year-old woman was walking with her daughter and son and the suspect confronted them, pulled out a handgun and demand property. police would not tell us what he took but he took off running down a couple of blocks to humboldt avenue and has not been seen since. the suspect is described as a white light skinned latino in
6:47 am
his early $20 with a -- 20s with a stocky build and police are is asking -- are asking to give them a call. >> police are asking you to take extreme precaution especially if somebody would commit a crime by a school early in the day and if you are confronted go along with those demands. the washington chief was overheard on an open microphone saying the gop candidate was happy to have a party with black people drowning. his party was about the convention taking place as hurricane isaac for taking place. he has apologized to mitt romney and supporters.
6:48 am
they have more on the fight to the white house. a message mitt romney is expected to deliver at the republican convention, here is more with allison burns. >> reporter: dave, it is his biggest platform to make the mitt romney presidency and many after the tacks against him. ryan set the stage, he brought delegates to their feet and he said let's get this done, college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at faded obama posters wondering when they will get going with life. it was couldn't lease who stole the show and prompted speculation about her political future. >> one or two things will happen, either nobody will lead
6:49 am
or somebody will fill the vacuum who does not share our values. >> more on the mystery speaker, reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:48, sal, what are you keeping an eye on now? >> well, on the peninsular on highway 92, that is near the freeway and i am putting the thing up there and there is reported lay pole that is down and we have report of it being upper sky land and we are sending a chopper to figure out where it is and what is going on with it. looking at live pictures, traffic on 880 looks good and the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. it is about a 15 to 20 minute delay, let's go to mark.
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as i said, the producer in san rafael, mostly clear skies, we actually cool things off compared to yesterday's high, still some warm numbers inland and key numbers, regrouping even a few patches sneaking into the bay. looking at 40s and san jose is checking in right around 60. high pressure begins to relax and pressure is and coming down from 4 to 8 degrees from yesterday's highs. we are really going to drop off and that means tomorrow, warmest locations are only in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. here is your forecast model, regrouping the immediate shoreline and more sunshine inland and temperatures inland to right around 90 degrees. talking about the dangerous
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surf, increasing basically for the peaches and you want to be extra careful bobly for the rest of the weekend. we are trimming down those readings, we will go with upper 90s instead of lower 90s and in san francisco upper 60s, about 68. temperatures cooling for friday, warming up with a few extra clouds for the weekend. and a foreclosure settlement, they did not modify or complete finances for homeowners who were under water but it does lead in short sales. the most of any and they have five years to meet the
6:52 am
settlement requirements. they face a shortage of mechanics. part of the problem is a generation brought up on xbox instead of rebuilding cash raters. -- carb raters. now they are looking for good mechanics. a dead bird is tested positive for west nile. what is being done to keep it from spreading. reporters confront a 100- year-old driver who ran into nine children, hear what he had to say about the crash.
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. angry parents say the 100- year-old man driving should not have been driving. preston's car ran into nine children and four children were seriously hurt. they are listed in stable condition. police say carter may have accidentally hit the gas instead of the break but he claimed his breaks failed. >> your breaks failed, you know you hit a lot of kids? >> i'm sorry about that, i
6:56 am
would not do that for nothing on earth. >> he turns 101 in a few days. he has a current driver's license and no violations. drivers have to pass a written test every five years and mr. carter's daughter says he will not be driving anymore. and chp said he was riding a scooter when he hit a median and flew over the side. he landed on a car on second street down below the freeway. a dog he was carrying in a pouch was killed. he was in general hospital with severe injuries. -- injuries. it is the 19th bird in the county to test positive for west nile. meantime contra costa county
6:57 am
will spray in brentwood. they will start north of ball for road. it will last until the evening weather permitting. here we have a new attraction. they are building a new rollercoaster called the gold striker. it's said to be the tallest rollercoaster and just a reminder, the oakland raiders tv 36, the game starts at 7:00 p.m. coming up on 7:00, sal has traffic, sal? >> we are looking at the crowded toll plaza and it has become crowded about a 15 to 20 minute delay and we found the accident on highway 92.
6:58 am
it is west of the skyline and that poll is partially blocking the road there, let's go to mark. more hugging the coast and the cooling trend begins, ranging from 61 in pacifica and antioch right around 90 degrees and your five-day forecast, a bit cooler and specially by sunday and monday a few extra clouds by labor day weekend. coming up on mornings on 2, breaking news, an early morning fire at a san jose strip mall, ktvu channel 2 morning news was there on the scene. and concerns as passenger traffic claims to an all time high, stay with us. we will be right back.
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